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Maternity Support Services

Maternity Support Services enables us as healthcare providers to educate and support you and your family during your pregnancy and after delivery.

Maternity Support Services (MSS) are provided by a member of the agency's interdisciplinary team:

  • Community Health Nurse
  • Behavioral Health Specialist
  • Community Health Worker
  • Registered Dietician

You can expect an array of services while receiving MSS. These include personalized home and office visits focusing on your needs and concerns at certain stages of your pregnancy and after delivery. You will receive education on labor and delivery, counseling services to help cope with the life changing circumstances that come with a new pregnancy, breastfeeding and nutrition education.

Eligibility: You must be receiving a medical coupon and be within the pregnancy cycle to accept our services.

Services are offered in Grandview, Prosser, Spokane, Toppenish, Walla Walla, Wapato and Yakima.

Contact Information:
Yakima--Emilie Afualo
Toppenish/Wapato--Juli Payne
Grandview/Prosser--Monica Matheny
Spokane--Kathleen Bernier
Walla Walla--Susan Laabs

Locations That Offer Maternity Support Services