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Primary Care Behavioral Health
Primary Care Behavioral Health

Behavioral care in your primary care clinic.

Our Behavioral Health Consultants are a part of your primary care team, working to ensure your behavioral health is addressed alongside your physical health.

Primary Care Behavioral Health

Everyone has moments where they need help understanding feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Behavioral Health Consultants meet with you and your primary care doctor to offer consultation on your current personal issues. Most clinics to provide comprehensive care for their health challenges. From grief management to chronic disease support, our Behavioral Health Consultants can help you set and achieve your health goals in partnership with your health care team.


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  • Brief consultations during your regular appointments.
  • Assessing any need for longer-term behavioral health counseling
  • Help with medical conditions that also have a mental aspect. For instance, we can help if you have trouble learning new medical routines, following medication directions, or balancing your mental and physical health
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What are Behavioral Health Consultants?

Behavioral Health Consultants are a part of your primary care team, working to help your mind and body be their best. They can work with you and your doctor during your regularly scheduled appointment.

Our Behavioral Health Consultants are here to help you and your family find solutions that improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

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