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Patient Information

We’re here to help our patients with their ongoing healthcare needs by providing information and tools where possible.

We provide fully comprehensive care including medical, dental, pharmacy, specialists, mental health and many other programs that may benefit your health. Still, the single most important element is you! We encourage all of our patients to be involved in their care programs.


MyChart also allows convenient ways to communicate with your health care provider's office. You can send messages, renew prescriptions, and even schedule appointments. Ask your health care provider for more information about MyChart. MyChart is an easy-to-use, online source for information about your health, straight from your health care provider. You can view lab results, appointment information, medications, immunization records, and more.

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Clinic Pharmacy number of our clinics include an onsite pharmacy to better serve our patients.  In addition, starting on February 1, 2018, you will be able to access your pharmacy information through our online app, MyChartMyChart will be replacing our Clinic Pharmacy app and can be downloaded to your Apple or Android smartphone. Or, you can access it through our website by clicking here and selecting Request Prescription Refills.

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EpicCare Link is a secure web portal for providers that connects you to information stored in our Electronic Health Record for your referred and admitted patients. You can request consults, schedule appointments, place orders and send messages to our providers directly from your browser.  You no longer need phone or fax--we'll send you confirmations and patient updates in real time.

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Appointment Information

There are several ways to make an appointment. You can call your clinic directly during regular clinic hours, stop by your clinic during regular hours to book a future appointment, or request an appointment online

At times, we may be unable to accept new patients due to large volumes of patients and not enough health care providers. If this occurs, please check again, as it is generally for a limited amount of time.

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Paying for Your Care

We provide a variety of payment options. We accept personal checks, credit cards, cash and money orders.

We accept Medicaid, Medicare, and most private health plans. We are committed to making health care affordable and providing needed care regardless of citizenship or financial status. We offer a variety of special programs including a sliding fee discount for uninsured patients who meet income guidelines.

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Qualifying for Assistance

We provide care to anyone, regardless of ability to pay, at any of our clinic locations. We provide a full range of medical care for all age groups.  At times, we may be unable to accept new patients due to large volumes of patients and not enough health care providers. If this occurs, please check again, as it is generally for a limited amount of time.

In the event you need assistance working through paperwork, we have a team of experienced Patient Benefits Coordinators available to walk you through your documents and figure out your options.

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Rights & Responsibilities

We encourage all of our patients to be aware of their rights and responsibilities and to take an active role in maintaining and improving their health and strengthening their relationships with our healthcare providers.

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Quality of Care

We're committed to high-quality patient care. If you have a concern regarding the quality or safety of the care you received, you are encouraged to report your concern to the clinic administrator at the location of your concern or to the patient safety staff in the Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic's Quality Department.

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Service Excellence

Going above and beyond is in our nature. We take great pride in the role we play in our communities and providing excellent care and service to all of our patients.

YVFWC strives to achieve the highest level of service excellence possible. This can only be accomplished in partnership with our patients. Thank you for being involved in your care.

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Privacy Practices

We are committed to maintaining the privacy of individual health information for all of our patients and have established policies and procedures to promote patient privacy. In general, we request only information that is necessary to provide health care, to process payment for our services, and we limit access to your private health information to only those individuals who need the information to perform their job.

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The Joint Commission

The network of clinics that make up Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic voluntarily underwent a challenging, comprehensive evaluation by the Joint Commission. Accreditation by the Joint Commission is considered the Gold Standard in health care.

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