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Stephen Davis, DDS

Stephen Davis, DDS, Chief Dental Officer, Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic leadership

Chief Dental Officer


General Dentistry


Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Becoming a dentist started with a comment from his wife, “if you’re best friends with your dentist, you might as well become one yourself.”

“I was, and so I did,” he said.

With that, and combining a passion for art and healthcare, Dr. Stephen Davis embarked on a career in dentistry. That path brought him all the way to the Chief Dental Officer’s chair at Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic.

Dr. Davis officially took the role November 1, 2019, but he’s no stranger to our organization. His career at Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic began in 2007, when making the transition from private practice to the community health care setting; in his most recent post he served as Dental Director for the organization.

The mission of Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic, “Together we are dedicated to lead, with the courage to care, the determination to promote personal growth, and the compassion to champion the cause of those who have no voice,” is what brought Dr. Davis to where he is now.

“It’s why I’ll never go anywhere else,” he said.