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WIC Offices Remain Open During Government Shutdown

Press Releases
January 25, 2019
WIC offices in Washington and Oregon remain open for business

Despite a government shutdown, WIC offices in both Oregon and Washington will remain open and funded through March. Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic encourages families to continue to make and keep their WIC appointments, and use their benefits as they normally would.

WIC benefits (eWIC cards and vouchers) can still be used at any authorized grocery store. Authorized WIC vendors will still accept WIC checks and the vendor will still receive payment.

“We would like families to know that WIC remains open through March in Washington and Oregon,” said Heather Elmore, Director of Nutrition Services at Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic. “After that point we will make all efforts to continue to serve the most vulnerable populations, including infants.”

“We are hearing some moms discussing alternatives to infant formula in the event of a prolonged government shutdown,” she added.

Dietitians at Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic agree, infant formula substitutes like cow’s milk, over-diluted formula, or homemade formula mixtures can put babies at great risk. These practices can lead to undernourished, anemic babies, and can even result in death.

In addition, furloughed government employees may be income eligible for WIC.
“This is an additional resource for those that are not employed due to the government shutdown,” Elmore added.