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At Your Appointment

March 24, 2020
With COVID-19, coronavirus, Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic has made a few changes to our waiting areas for your safety.

Because we want you to feel as safe as possible when you come to our clinics, we are working to create safe waiting rooms and common areas and it starts at our front entrance.

At Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic network of care, you will see changes to how we greet our patients and in our waiting areas. At some of our clinics, where parking lot space allows, you may be pre-screened curb-side, and you may be asked to enter through a different door than the one you usually use. At other clinics, we will pre-screen you as you get to the main entrance.

During this time, if possible, please limit the number of people who come with you to an appointment. If you need someone with you for assistance, that is fine. If children, who do not have an appointment, would normally come with you to the clinic, we ask that you try to find childcare for those children instead of bringing them with you for your appointment.

You may also notice that we’re asking a few more questions as you check in for your appointments. We’ll ask things like, “do you have a runny nose, fever or sore throat, are you having difficulty breathing?” This is to help us help you get the best possible care, and to maintain the health of both you and our staff.

Working together, we can continue to offer health care for all of our patients.