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Asthma Home Visitors

Asthma has long been recognized as a problem among children. Sixteen years ago, the Environmental Protection Agency provided a grant to the Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic for a pilot program based on home visits that would bring attention to indoor air as a contributing factor.

Each family gets three visits by a “home visitor,” and the program picks up 270 to 280 new clients each year. During a visit, a home visitor educates families on how their home environment can affect an asthmatic child's health, explaining symptoms, triggers and simple ways to asthma-proof a living space.

Focusing on the inside of an asthmatic's home is still a fairly novel concept. Environmental agencies put out warnings about the quality of outdoor air, but people often forget about indoor triggers, which is what our program is designed to help identify.

Locations That Offer Asthma Home Visitors